Best of 2008

best of petitinvention 2008

With so many things that happened at the end of this year, I couldn’t make many posts this month. My updating pace will be unpredictable in 2009 as well, but I hope I can have more fun than this year.
By designing stuff for this blog, I learned a lot about design, so next year, I’ll try something new again. I’m thinking of make animation of the devices I make to post them on YouTube. Not sure if I really can, but I want to try that. Oh, one more thing. I really want to do something more tangible, not just creating stuff on the web.

Anyway, I truly appreciate your support. Here are the 20 posts you liked the best in 2008.

1. Future of Internet Search: Mobile version

2. Just a Sketch: Mobile Phone

3. iPod Touch Camera?

4. iPhone / iPod Touch Desktop Calendar Wallpapers for March 2008

5. Future of Mobile Internet Search: Application

6. horizontal keyboard app for iPhone

7. My Dream Mac (Macbook Touch? Mac Nano?)

8. External Touch Screen

9. Desktop organizing wallpaper

10. iMac Calendar Wallpaper

11. Desktop Calendar Wallpaper: April Macbook Air

12. Desktop Calendar Wallpaper: March 2008

13. Future of Mobile Search for Diet

14. Look at What You Don’t See Through Glass

15. Looking Glass for iPhone

16. Desktop Calendar Wallpaper: February 2008

17. Desktop Calendar Wallpaper: May 2008

18. You Can Work It Out

19. Future of Mobile Search- Power of Visual

20. Future of Mobile Search- Search Beyond Time

Personally, I like this hygrometer and this mac-like mobile phone. And of course, I want to have this looking glass device some day.

I will be able to make a few big announcements next year, so please come back to check them out.