Top 20 Most Visited Posts So Far

I started this blog just 4 months ago. Thanks to all who visited this site, petitinvention has been chosen one of “blogs of the day” a few times, featured in Yanko Design,, this next, ffffound, swissmiss, and picked up in a few magazines. I have even got job offers and been talked a few times about actually developing some items I introduced. I never thought it would turn out this way, so I’m always surprised. I can’t thank you all enough.

So here I want to introduce the 20 posts that got the most access so far (as of March 22, 2008).

1. Future of Internet Search: Mobile version
Mobile version

This is by far the most accessed post which got almost twice as many visits as the next one. I really dream of using this kind of device. I thought of this device because I always wonder why I have to input keywords to search what I want to know. I search because I don’t know what it is. If I know the right words to search, that means in most cases I KNOW about it. Especially when you use the image search, you must feel that way, too.

2. Desktop Calendar Wallpaper: February 2008
February 2008 (1024×768px)

This is the most surprising to me. There are some other calendars that I like more, but this calendar got the most access. Many people still download this calendar even though it’s already the end of March. You may know this building, but this is Stockholm City Hall. The other one I added later is Christchurch Cathedral.

3. Desktop Calendar Wallpaper: March 2008 part 1
March 2008

Menton, Côte d’Azur. Noticed the background color is of a lemon?

4. iPhone & iPod Touch’s instant access
iPhone & iPod Touch’s instant access button

I got used to handling my iPod Touch now, but still want it to work this way.

5. My Dream Mac (Macbook Touch? Mac Nano?)

Now that I know the morph concept by Nokia, I want this one more.

6. horizontal keyboard app for iPhone
horizontal keyboard app

From the very first post I made here. By fully using the screen width, there could be a better keyboard app like this.

7. Desktop organizing wallpaper
wallpaper to organize your messed desktop

Everybody’s desktop is so messed up, I figured.

8. iPhone wallpapers
iPhone / iPod Touch Desktop Calendar Wallpaper for March 2008

iPhone’s wallpaper is seen only when its power is on, so I wasn’t sure if its wallpaper would be popular, but there turned out so many people who use “iPhone wallpaper” to search for a good iPhone wallpaper.

9. Macbook Air Calendar Wallpaper
Macbook Air Calendar Wallpaper 1024 x 768 px

I posted this right after Macbook Air was revealed, and got so many visitors searching for its calendar.

10. Read blogs on iTunes: To use an iPod Touch as an Offline RSS reader
Blog on iTunes

One of the oldest posts I made. I still want iTunes to work this way.

11. Desktop Calendar Wallpaper: March 2008

This has been popular mainly because of so many people in Norway accessed the page.

12. Future of Mobile Internet Search: Application

I’m still finding some other ways of using the device, so I’ll make a few more posts about it later.

13. Desktop Calendar Wallpaper: March – April
March - April 2008

Yeah, I like this one very much, too. I made it just because a newspaper with an article of this castle happened to be on my desk and I got to like its beauty.

14. Turn your iPhone into a desktop
Turn your iPhone into a desktop

My Powerbook has been dead, so I want to buy a new laptop, but if my iPod Touch could work this way, it would be a little helpful.

15. iGoogle Theme: Simple Black in Helvetica
iGoogle Skin- Simple Black in Helvetica

I’m planning to make a few more themes for iGoogle later (if I have any time).

16. iPhone / iPod Touch Desktop Calendar Wallpaper
iPhone / iPod Touch Desktop Calendar Wallpaper for March 2008

Wanna hear more from you what kind of iPhone wallpapers you want.

17. External Touch Screen
touch screen makes complicating controls easy

Another item that was on a magazine. There must be a lot more ways to use it.

18. iPhone Moleskine Cover
iPhone/iPod Touch Moleskine Cover

I love Moleskine, so I want to buy something like this. Moleskinize!

19. USB powered coffee warmer + temp adjusting app
USB powered coffee warmer + temp adjusting app

All thanks to Tina from swissmiss, who kindly introduced my idea in her blog. I can’t thank you enough!

20. Customize Gmail Icon in Menu Bar
customize gmail icon in menu bar
Gmail has “labels”, so this could be possible, I guess.

About petitinvention & me is actually ranked no.6. I’ll post some “behind-the-scene photos” of my Moleskine if there are requests.

Oh, please check out my Twitter. I use it as a without-image version of this blog.


P.S. This is a header image I used when I started this blog.

Started Twitter in an Unusual Way

twitter & petitinvention

I started twittering yesterday. Still not sure about the full benefit of this service, but I’m finding it useful.
In my case I use it to post a little idea that comes to my mind. It’s so little that I don’t even bother to visualize it.

Maybe later if I have a chance to review the posts and get interested, I’ll make the design of it.