Post-it for process control

post-it for process control

Post-it for process control

post-it for process control

post-it for process control

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Good idea, P Kayne. Thanks for your tips. For a post-it to protrude out from the book, this one might not be a good idea. What about this one then? You can see what kind of info you marked without having to open the book.

post-it to show category

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3 thoughts on “Post-it for process control”

  1. Love this idea. The only thing is that the tabs protrude to far out side of the book. Lets say if I tucked my note book in my bag, then retrieved it, the tabs would be crushed. At that point I would just want to take them out and toss them away.

    Maybe the post-it should have some sticky adhesive not at the end of the tab but a few cm down so a bit of the tab may protude outside but most of the tab is the book on the chosen page. If that makes any sense. Then I see it being very practical.

  2. Good idea, P Kayne. Thank you always for your interest. Check out the new idea I posted.

  3. This is a really good alternative. Instantly the user can visually associate the type of content on the bookmarked page. While the post-it design will certainly be visually appealing to different demographic consumer groups – young people(teens and preteens), females and males.

    I look forward to picking up a pack of these post-its in the future. But I am still a fan of the original process post-its.

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