Announcement: Europe Tour

After a month long thought over if I should/could do, I decided to go on a trip to Europe I’d planned before the M9.0 earthquake. I have longed for a chance to travel around Europe, but haven’t had a chance so far.

The main purpose is to visit Salone Internazionale del Mobile (as a visitor) in Milan, Italy and to give a speech at re:publica XI in Berlin, Germany, but I’ll go to some other countries as well. I really wanted to see Salone Milan for a long time because one of my dreams is to make something great and showcase them at the fair. I have some designs up my sleeve for it actually, but haven’t found a way/person to realize those product plans. At re:publica11, I was planning to talk about “Mobile Devices We Want to Have in 2020”, but because of the earthquake and other reasons, I have to change some topics in it.

I started freelancing last July, but am still figuring what kind of designer I should be or if I should keep freelancing or stop doing and work for a company. So this will be a good chance to find that out during the trip.

I’ll leave Japan on the 14th April if nothing bad happens again in Japan and will stay in Milan, Madrid, Lisbon, Paris, Cologne and Amsterdam. I already have plans to meet some people there, but any other business talk would be welcome. Please contact me via email for an appointment.

Of course I’ll keep tweeting what’s happening and posting photos I talk on my way in those cities.

Any advice on great spots where a designer like me should visit in those cities (especially Paris)?

Calendar Desktop Wallpaper: April 2011

“Unity is strength…
when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”
Mattie Stepanek


2560×1600px | 2560×1440px | 1920×1200px | 1680×1050px | 1440×900px | iPhone & iPod Touch (w/o calendar) | iPad

I really hope Japan will get back on its feet again soon. But we will, if we get together and show our incredible power. I believe that those who are unfortunately not here because of the mishaps must have wanted to see one of this nation’s most beautiful flowers, sakura. So I made the trace of the petals like the north east coast of Japan that was badly affected by the earthquake and tsunami.