Mobile Phone Sketch: Zimmer

This post is to tell all of you that I’m OK.

After the tragic magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit Japan on March 11th, I’ve received many many messages from around the globe asking how I was or even if I was alive. As I tweeted about my situation, I’m doing fine. I truly appreciate all your considerations not only for me but for those who have been badly affected by the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear power plant issues. I’ll keep tweeting how I’m doing on my Twitter.

Also I wanted to tell you that Japan will get back to its feet for sure. Currently I’m going through many inconveniences that I have never experienced in my life (lack of water, gasoline, vegetables, power etc. etc.), so I’ll be able to think of ideas to overcome those difficulties. But for now, let me show you sketches I’ve been making since before the earthquake. It’s a mobile phone concept named Zimmer. (There’s nothing new or innovative here this time.)


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Calendar Desktop Wallpaper: March 2011

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” – George Bernard Shaw


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Some of you might already know from my tweet that I’m planning to visit Milan, Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon, Paris, Cologne and Amsterdam from mid to end of April this year. I’ve been waiting for this chance for such a long long time. I’ll tweet as usual during the stay and post lots of photos I take there on my Flickr. With (a lot) more time and money I would’ve included London, Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki, but maybe or rather definitely next time.