13 thoughts on “horizontal keyboard app for iPhone

  1. Nice IDEA! i have the same problem using my Iphone, and from the begining i thought about that kind of solution.

    Wonderful Website too…

  2. Kevin B, thanks for your interest. Sorry, it’s just a concept so it’s not available yet.

  3. ummmn……..whats the name of the black horizontal keyboard?????? answer because i want to buy it very badly!!!

  4. Hey, looks cool and i like the idea!
    But aren’t the ‘Keys’ a bit too small in the example image?

  5. could you make this app in java cause my phone support java 2 and this is exactly wat i need thanks

  6. Cool

    For those who want to extend this idea further, I just saw a new iphone AP , “Lightning Remarks”, it speeds up keyboard use by 5-10X. Its cool, it has 1000’s of pre stored remarks that , when replying to emails/texts (or creating new ones) you select categories and sub categories and you have available list of neat replies or messages. In 2-3 keystrokes you get 2-3 sentences remarks.Beauty is, it paste right back in emails. This is a cool idea for iphone users who want to speed up the keyboard use.

    You can also add your own categories and remarks, this is limitless!

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