Desktop Calendar Wallpaper: October 2009

Just in time.


1920x1200px | 1680x1050px | 1280x1024px | 1024x768px | iPhone&iPod Touch (without calendar)

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
Albert Camus

If I’m allowed to design stuff like what I show in this blog not only in my free time but all day long, I’ll definitely do it. Just wondering.

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  1. ピンバック: splim's me2DAY
  2. I’m fairly certain it’s a pot leaf? Well, I’m not – but a co-worker in my office is, and has called me out on it several times… but the image remains my desktop

  3. Beautiful! I had a Japanese maple tree outside my house in the States and just loved autumn because of the shape and color. I love how the drama of the leaves here are used to form another shape, and how it’s suspended so elegantly in all that negative space. Well done!


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