Post-It on Desktop Icons

This is simple and it might have been used already, but I really want to paste a post-it on a desktop icon so that I won’t forget what I should do with it. So if anybody knows a plugin like this, please let me know!!

post-it on desktop icon1

post-it on desktop icon4

Post-it colors, font size should be customizable just like “Stickies” (a default mac application).

post-it on desktop icon2

Quick Look (a quick preview feature) or hover the cursor to see the enlarged image of the post-it.

post-it on desktop icon3

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8 thoughts on “Post-It on Desktop Icons

  1. you have a tremendous idea!! but, right now, the only thing you can do is assign a different color label for the icon by pressing, command + i, then clicking the color or using the mouse secondary (control) + click then assigning the label. I use it just like DEFCOM, red for Urgent….

  2. there’s an program called stickies, at least for windows.
    un abrazo desde argentina, gracias por los wallpapers, los uso todos los meses!
    a hug from argentina, thanks for the wallpapers, y use them every month.

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