I finally decided to leave the current company I’m working for and to take on projects as a freelance designer!

Some of you might already know that because I was shouting on Facebook and Twitter some time ago.

I already have some main client companies and been pretty busy, but I’m mostly available for any design related jobs, such as

  • concept design
  • iPhone, iPad, Mac app design
  • industrial design
  • web design
  • graphic design

For the people and companies who have talked to me but were asked to wait until I’m ready, I am now (I’ll start from July 2010)! Thank you so much for waiting.

I’ve already been asked to join some very very exciting projects, for example future device concept designs for movie clips, a desktop Mac application, iPhone apps and some others that I can’t reveal now.

For business, I’m using

Email me either at

For contact of my mobile phone/Skype, please also email me.
I’m waiting for your message. By the way, my real name is Makoto Funamizu, but call me Mac.

Here’s a promotion movie to introduce most of the mobile phone concepts I’ve made so far.