Chrystal Cloud

I’ve been thinking about a good way to visualize “cloud”.

You can’t see cloud with the naked eye. Users are using multiple cloud computing providers and saving data here and there. On the other hand, the screen of your mobile is not large enough for you to get a good sense of the structural overview of cloud.

So I wish there were a pair of glasses or opera glasses like device that allows you to “see” and “touch” those data in the air.

When you see through the glass, you can see clouds floating in the air. Touch it and see what you have there.

The difference between the Crystal Cloud concept and the Looking Glass concept is the former is to assist your mobile computer while the latter works alone itself. And with Crystal Cloud, you can touch and control the visualized data in 3D.

For tasks other than cloud management, such as writing a document etc., send files to your mobile device. This way you can get out of the screen and use the air in front of you.

Yes, I just can’t wait to “get out” of the small screen of my iPhone.

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If all of your family members use chopsticks, there are twice as many sticks as the families. You know chopsticks are usually kept apart, so you have to find right pairs among all of them for each meal.

So something to pair up the chopsticks would be useful.
Tsugai is a chopstick rest made of metal that you can also use as a chopstick bundle when put in the kitchen cabinet.

It makes the chopsticks stay afloat, so it can keep the chopsticks clean.
Inside the back of it there is a magnet, so when it stands, it sticks with another one to support each other. (It stands itself alone of course though.)

Tsugai means “a pair” in Japanese.

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This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Pop It!

I’m pretty sure I see this beach ball circling on my desktop for at least 10 minutes a day in total. I don’t know what’s taking so much time (especially when I’m using Illustrator CS5). What do you do when you can’t wait any more?

Well, when I can’t stand it any more, I really want to pop this ball.

So I want a tool like a dart I can throw at the ball.

Yeah of course when you hit it, it pops with the popping sound! I’m sure it will relieve your stress (to some extent).