Crowdfunding Project: Play & Learn Projection Game “HAPPYTOWN!”

Want to create something more fun than smartphone apps that everyone can enjoy together!!

Until now, I’ve developed popular apps for smartphones and tablets, but I want to find ways for more people to have fun! So this time I’m jumping out of small screens, onto the grand stage of projection mapping to create a game which both children and adults can enjoy together at a time! Playing this game will require thinking and cooperation, and it will nurture children’s creativity!

New, Experience-Type Intellectual Training Game

For indoor amusement parks, museums, science museums, local information centers, road stations, highway service areas, and kids’ spaces at airports


“HAPPYTOWN!” is a new type of experience-based intellectual training game which utilizes projection mapping. It can be used in various attraction areas with families with kids.

The mission is to create a better city! Utilizing kids spaces and family-oriented events, we hope many people can experience this fun and creative attraction! It would bring great joy to us if this game could trigger children’s creativity and act as a point of contact with society.


HAPPYTOWN! started recruitment for development support at the CAMPFIRE crowd-funding site! We will give our supporters fun returns! Looking forward to your support!


A Game For Building a Better Town

The mission of “HappyTown!” is to build a better city. Cooperate with others to build the ideal city in this large, projection mapped screen.

~The Stage is the City You Live In~

You start from a blank map of the city in the very place where you play the game. Roads, railroad tracks, homes, schools… All must be built while you carefully consider what is really necessary. Cooperate with others to build up the city.


~Playing is Easy!~

・Trace the Screen → Roads and tracks will appear.
・Place Magnets → Buildings such as houses and schools will pop up.

Build a huge building! Make a shortcut to school! Maximize the potential of your creativity!

~Make Residents Happy!~

Ah yes, there are many people who reside in the town.
Emotionally rich people with big smiles and tears.
If you build a lovely city, it will bring smiles to the residents’ faces.
No homes for them to return to, or if there are too many dead-end roads or no places to play…
Residents will become troubled and start to cry.
How can you build a more livable neighborhood?
Cooperate with others to build a wonderful town that bring smiles to the residents’ faces!



Your Creation Can Be Viewed Online!

Images of your cities are regularly uploaded to the website! Check it out.
Can the virtual cities children built be utilized for real-life urban development? We hope so!



Use it as an Attraction Tool

Setting up a projector and displaying the images on a wall, the pace immediately turns into a fun playground for kids!
It is our hope that this game can be used as an attraction tool in various kids’ spaces and shopping facilities where families gather, so it can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Potential Installation Locations

Indoor amusement parks, museums, science museums, local information centers, road stations, highway service areas, airport kids spaces, etc.
We are also looking forward to the support of event planners/coordinators, kids space builders, and content planners/developers!


Two EPSON electronic blackboard projectors are arranged side by side and used in conjunction. One projector can make maximum of 90 inches of screen area, together it can display up to a maximum size of 4 x 1.5 meters. Projectors can be fixed to walls using screws, or hung using special equipments by our staff.

Crowd Funding Will Directly Support Content Rental Fees!

The collected funds will be applied directly to rental fees, so please take advantage of this fun and innovative content as an attraction tool. The rental period will start after the second half of 2018, after the crowd funding goal has been reached.


HAPPYTOWN! is planning to recruit development support at the crowd funding site, CAMPFIRE!
We will give fun returns to those who support us! We are looking forward to your support!


Everyone, thank you very much in advance for your support!

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