Fireworks to Pinpoint Your Car

fireworks to pinpoint your car

fireworks to pinpoint your car

fireworks to pinpoint your car

fireworks to pinpoint your car

Maybe just a joke 🙂

投稿者: Mac

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  1. lol… its pretty useful I think. but I don’t think you’ll ever find the first person to use that.. Great creativity!

  2. If we could have the technology your idea would be awesome.
    However, what if instead of fireworks we could project something more personalized? Imagine 5/6 people looking for their car in a big mall. How could you distinguish “your firework”?

  3. personalizing would indeed be a good idea once many people start using it. If it is commercially available and not to difficult to install, I would be the first customer 🙂

    Luc V

  4. Since i haven’t seen this on pingbacked, i thought it was cool to let you know that the fireworks pinpointer have been mentioned on the news website of the major brazilian tv station, Globo.
    Here goes the link, shortened for the readability’s sake:

  5. If you’re in a driving structure it doesn’t matter – it will display against the ceiling. You know why? ‘cos it says on the second image ‘create holography’ – not ‘launch firework’ 😛

  6. I totally had this same idea the other day while I was wandering around the parking lot.

    …except my idea involved real fireworks. Holograms are probably much safer 🙂

  7. I personally find this totally useless, because it is a solution for a non existing problem. Today any car blinks when hitting your remote car key, some switch on all lights, whatfor this? How does this help when a car is lost in a city?

  8. actually there’s an african teenager who invented a way to find your car through mobile phone. it’s simply dialing a specific number and it’ll return the location of your car, you can even set your car security system through it.


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