Touch ‘n’ Know The Time

Have you ever woken up wondering how much more time you can sleep? I usually do, but every time I wake up, I was wondering if there’s a way to know how soon the alarm goes off without even looking at the clock.

touch 'n' know the time

Reach the clock to find the triangles. If they’re far apart, you have lots of time left to sleep, but if they’re close, you’ll have to get out of the bed pretty soon.
I know there must be lots of people who don’t need this though :).

touch 'n' know the time

touch 'n' know the time

touch 'n' know the time

(weirdly inspired by the way the aliens’ bomb count-down in the movie “Independence Day”)

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14 thoughts on “Touch ‘n’ Know The Time

  1. Great…. my only problem is – I would turn off the alarm in my sleep. I’ve been known to type in the password to my computer to turn off the alarm and then go back to bed… in my sleep.

  2. Спорить на эту тему можно бесконечно, поэтому просто поблагодарю автора. Спасибо!

  3. Большое спасибо за статью, а это тема 🙂 В мемориз однозначно, пригодится! 🙂

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