World Cleanest Graffiti— iPhone App Concept

There are a number of drawing iPhone apps available, but I think it would be fun if you could paste the picture you draw on a real wall, but virtually.

Draw a picture with your iPhone.

Choose the wall you want to paste the picture on.

Point and paste the picture. Resizing possible.

Share it with people on an online map.

Or share with only the person you choose. And if you want someone to go to a place (physically) to see the picture, just choose “local share” only.
This is just like an old bulletin board outside and might work well if you want to convey your feeling to someone.

The images can be seen through your iPhone just like usual graffiti from any angle.

Thank you again for the great photos, *momoc.

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19 thoughts on “World Cleanest Graffiti— iPhone App Concept

  1. I just love this idea!! I’ve been thinking of something similar myself. Please, make it happen!

  2. Hello Mac,
    I have been discovering your work via designboom.
    It is really interesting and fresh concepts. I like your way of making design, as I feel close to it maybe ^^
    Please have a look @ my portfolio, and if you are interested, let’s start to exchange ideas about what design could be?
    Concerning the digital graffiti concept, it opens strange feeling within me. At first glance I like the sensitive / poetic aspect of your idea. Then, I felt that : one of the best thing of graffiti is that it is something illegal. That everyone in the city will be obliged to watch it, just like advertising.
    “Augmented reality” is really important in your designs. Thought it makes really beautiful “design pictures”, I am not convinced that an “augmented reality world” would be something poetic, as everything you see is just through a screen. Technocratic people’s dream, in a way.
    I don’t know who you are, neither what are your political ideas of design, so I just give you the link of a project of a corean designer :
    It is so close, and so far from your work.
    I am waiting for your reply,
    Take care,

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