World Clock

This is pretty simple and may have been already used somewhere.


Put the colored magnet on the map and use the corresponding colored short hand.


There’s no am/pm indicator and it will look crammed and hard to tell the time with more than 3 hands.



For 30-minute time zones, use this +1/2 hand.

And here’s the version 2, which is much simpler. See the post.

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8 thoughts on “World Clock

  1. I love the simplicity of it. I was thinking of something simlar but using digital clocks and a linear representation of time. Your way is very good, takes the normal use of having many clocks and cramming them into one.

  2. It’s a very good idea. I like the concept and the simplicity. You can too put color’s flag of country for be more intuitive :p (maybe oppressive)

  3. Keeping time is a craft that goes back through all of human history. While today’s world view and technology is superior in insight, technique and accuracy, there is a wealth of amazing examples of ingenuity and craftsmanship that goes back at least 5000 years, and originating from all around the globe. Solar dials, the hour glass, pendulum clocks, spring-loaded devices, were used for a large number of applications for hundreds and thousands of years. Many articles on the Internet contribute to the understanding of this fascinating story as it unfolds into our present time. Here is one that more than scratches the surface:

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