It took a few days to render these images and while I was rendering them, I was surprised to see this demo at TED. The concept is almost identical! How nice!

bracelet with camera, projector and wifi

Mine’s a bracelet like flexible device with a camera, a projector and Wifi installed. You can also put it on anywhere on your cloth around your chest or neck.

bracelet with camera, projector and wifi

The transparent part is a screen to show basic function or the time. Customize it with the colors and style you like.
Complicated controls can be done in the projected UI.

bracelet with camera, projector and wifi
Scan a business card to add the person’s name and other information to your address book through wifi.

bracelet with camera, projector and wifi
Translate a word/phrase you’re not familiar with in a book.

bracelet with camera, projector and wifi
Look for a way to get to a station on a train map.

There could be a lot more ways to use this device, so I’ll make the posts later.

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