If we can build flexible OLED like this, we won’t have to worry about what size of a monitor you’ll buy any more.

future desktop concept

future desktop computer concept

future desktop computer concept

future desktop computer concept

Future Desktop Computer Concept


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  2. Awesome but you miss something, in the future I really dont think that ths USB connectors (fisical) exists, al least in the sameway that we know them. I think that everithyng will be wireless.

  3. Funny looking back at this in 2013, yup usb is here to stay as long as it retains it’s backwards compatability although I still think a physical mouse is superior in a desk environment because it provides a hand rest and the best precision. Trackpads like Apple’s are alright and gesture reading devices like the kinect still have a long ways to go before they could accurate enough as a replacement.


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