51 thoughts on “Glassy Glassy

  1. I like your work very much.
    Japanese are the best in leaving things out, back to the essence..We western people tend to overdo things, look at our mobilephones d-signs…too many possibilities on them!. Anyways, Thank you for making my day.
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  2. “..Japanese are the best in leaving things out…”

    As much as these are pretty cool looking (I’d love to have one), this design actually added, not simplified.

    If the material is assumed to be tough enough, then there would be no reason to have multiple panes. One screen doubles as viewer/touchpad. No need for flips or slides.

    But I dont mean to denigrate this design… definitely catchy!

  3. thats the dumbest idea I’ve ever seen. it would be so scratched up within a week that you couldnt see anything

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