Future Camera Concept

future camera concept

future camera concept

future camera concept

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  1. This is like what I’m thinking about for 3 years!!! And this is really cool!!!
    It’d be great for paparazzi (like me) 🙂

  2. I concept in my head a camera which uses the human eye to focus exactly how it wants to, then with an implant, take a picture and connect wirelessly to a computer. Now that would be nice. Panorama view, most likely.

  3. OK…
    Kinda related here… you should design a pair of glasses with basic functionalities suchas cal, notepad, and celll phone integration

  4. This is pretty kool i do agree with that one persons comment because they wolud be a lot easier to wear id they were in contact version!

  5. You eye is at least 576 megapixels so it would be at least 7680×4320 or 15360×8640 for that kind of setting, very interesting.


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