Black Hole on Desktop

Black Hole on Desktop

Black Hole on Desktop

Throw your trash into this black hole and it’ll be completely gone. You don’t even have to do the “empty trash”. Extremely dangerous. Just a joke.

Author: Mac

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14 thoughts on “Black Hole on Desktop”

  1. How about a black hole that your icons creep towards slowly. Unused items gradually get sucked into a folder, keeping your desktop clean. Regularly used items stay in place, so your desktop is self-organizing according to your actual useage practices.

  2. I had a folder with a rm script attached that I labelled Black Hole, and had that swirly kind of icon. It did the job, but I wouldn’t allow it into novice hands.

    Jason, that’s a cool idea for qualifying what gets trashed. I’d rather see it actually back up to a second drive then delete the item from your active-use drive.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Great ideas, guys. Then how about putting a white hole icon in the second drive, dougrogers?

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