11 thoughts on “Just a Sketch: Highly Unlikely Camera for iPod Touch

  1. My digital camera has an adapter for a wide or zoom lens. so why not do it for an ipod? That looks natural, for me. Great idea!

  2. It looks awesome! Too bad it probably won’t happen, but if it did, that would be soooo cool!!! Very clean, simple, and doesn’t add too much bulk. Awesome idea!

  3. By the way, I love all your concepts! They’re all so cool and practical!! Please keep doing this! Also, can you try making a iPod touch + DS/PSP + speaker/mic + a slide out keyboard? Thanks for all these great concept ideas!

  4. i liked the onher one because it was smaller and a better size for me.But if this was out there i would buy it for sure

  5. it is a very good idea. i have got the ipod 3g and i really need a camera on it i liked the idea of this camera on an ipod! thanx

  6. WOWW OMG! is that a proffessional camera lens placed on an Ipod touch? wow who has made those awesome things? could you please informed about those awesome gadgets?

  7. Who invented this should really do something! this great inventions really popular! my compliments!

    ps I hope that it was a joke that you said that it was a joke ; i’m not laughing at all. I hope that you can mail me, please do it! I live in the Netherlands. (I’m sorry for my grammar mistakes, english is not my best subrect -.-)

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