Future of Mobile Search: Virtual Shopping #1

future mobile search

future mobile search

I’m pretty sure companies like Ikea would quickly start to use this device this way if it became really available.

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future search mobile #3-2
Part3:”Look at What You Don’t See Through Glass”

future mobile search for diet
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future mobile search
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future of mobile search6
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Speech balloons for hearing-impaired
Part8:”Speech Balloons for the Hearing-Impaired”

iPhone with Looking Glass
See also the iPhone version of this concept.

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20 thoughts on “Future of Mobile Search: Virtual Shopping #1

  1. Have an idea for next render! (if you accept them, ofcourse ^^! )

    Going on a Underground can be kinda hard for a tourist, why not just put it in front of the Underground map, tap on the destination station and the map will underline the way there and guide you 🙂

  2. Simply amazing concept Mac. On our company blog (www.ENLIGHTEN3D.com) about computer vision and 3D, I wrote about how all of us in our field should be inspired by your design.

    Do you do contract graphic design work? Send me an e-mail to enlighten3D[aht]feelingsoftware[dawt]com.

  3. Unfortunately these concepts are not new. We can look back to around 1995-1996 to ID Magazine and find the looking glass concepts. History is very important.

  4. With the capabilities recently developed over open source drivers using Kinect cameras, this is soooo possible! Designate show rooms with certain lightning and colors without any furniture… use the Looking Glass with Kinect cameras, and manipulate the online furniture with your hands to rotate, move and accommodate them in such space. Brilliant!

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