Looking Glass for iPhone

iPhone with Looking Glass

iPhone with Looking GlassMinority Report-like data exchange like this?

“Looking Glass” concept has been introduced in the following posts:
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Part8:”Speech Balloons for the Hearing-Impaired”

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  1. ピンバック: The Future of Search
  2. OK – I just spent like five minutes cruising your several mobile translation gadget concept and uses: OMG – totally lovin it…. ur one smart mother &%$!er.

  3. ピンバック: Future Of Internet Search
  4. i am god,.this is not the future,it is what lower life forms percieve to be the future!the future is a future of humans of service to a higher life form!

  5. The iPhone phones reveals the superb advancement of apple company which therefore betters our world of smart phones though i embrace not experiencing all of it ability because i mayorly dont posses one but OMG i love your products!!


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