4 thoughts on “Putting on more makeup than yesterday or not?

  1. Hello Mac, nice screen creations.
    My current compagny had create a real life digital mirror…

    This article is a just commercial ad but I seen the mirror working in live, it was develop in south of France near Nice.
    The mirror captures your face and morphs it. The mirror reflects the future change of your face with medical parameters entered in the device (if your interested I think I can find a video on my job laptop).

    But your creation interface is very nice .

    Good work,

  2. Julien, thanks for your comment and info. I’ve heard of that. I love junk food, so I don’t wanna use the device, though…

  3. This thing is quite interesting. But I do not use much make up. It is not so good for your skin, so I only thy to look unfrightening 🙂

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