Typographic Clock

The clock face is an LCD, so it can change the design pretty flexibly.

typographic clock

typographic clock

typographic clock

typographic clock

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Author: Mac

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4 thoughts on “Typographic Clock”

  1. It will be great if there is a correlation between black/white and time that had elapsed. ( I could not get that kind of relation here )

    The dot represents the hour, and black color representing the lost/elapsed time. ( For example, at 9:00 we have a dot at nine and rest are white, as time elapses the black segment grows..)

  2. Karthi, thanks for the comment. Yeah, I thought so, too. The black part of what’s shown here represents “the space between” the long and short hands, which from the user’s point is not so important. So it might be a bit confusing especially when it’s seen from a distance.

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