Petitinvention- Best of May

1.(iPod Touch + iMac + Macbook Air) / 3
(iPod Touch + iMac + Macbook Air) / 3
The concept of this is very simple: a little larger iPod Touch that works as a mac (that I could buy for less than $1,000).

2.Desktop Calendar Wallpaper: May & June
As of now, this is the only June calendar I have, so I’ll add a few more.

3.iPod Touch Camera?
best of may behind the scene1
With this, it would be a lot easier to blog outside, but the function I like the best about this is the WiFi indicator.

4.Future of Mobile Search for Diet
future mobile search for diet
I could’ve made a bar graph with an image of a glass of beer or a bar of ice candy.

5.10-Key + Calculator
If there was this kind of product, I would definitely buy the Apple’s wifi keyboard.
There are a lot of 10-key keyboards that work as a calculator, but they’re a bit bulky. I’ve been thinking about a way to ‘hide’ the display part when I don’t need it.

Actually I wanted to introduce the sketches in my Moleskine for all the ideas above, but 4 of them came straight out from my head, so there’s only one shown.

(Extra) External Touch Screen

Thanks to Smashing Magazine, there have been so many visitors from their post “Beautiful And Original Product Designs“, where my concept “External Touch Screen” is introduced among other designers’ ideas. Thank you so much!!

The reasons why I’m having the slow update are 1) I’ve been still learning how to use a new 3D app, 2) the ideas I’ve come up with these days are a little more promising than usual that I think I can use for design competitions so I won’t disclose them now, and some other reasons.

Petitinvention- Best of April

These are the top five April posts which got the most access this month.

1. Desktop Calendar Wallpaper: May 2008

This has turned a lot more popular than I expected, so I’ll make many other calendars in this style. I have to ask my uncle again to do the calligraphy.

2. Don’t Leave Your Trash for Long

I made the design look very fun, so there are so many pingbacks

If your icon on the desktop changes its design by lapse of time, I thought it would be helpful telling you it’s becoming old. And these too are of the same concept: icons that change their designs when a certain condition is met.
Folder Icon That Talks #1
How Much More Data Can I Burn?

3. Funny USB Memory Sticks #2
Funny USB Memory Stick #2-1

I also want other gadgets like this to “talk” to you so that you can get the info you need instantly.

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4. Look at What You Don’t See Through Glass
future search mobile #3-2

This is the third post of this series. I have a few more ideas in my Moleskine, so I’ll make posts later.

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5. Quick View of File Directory

I don’t know what will happen when you use this to see the “Library” folder in your mac, though…

Thank you all for your interest and comments!