Petitinvention- Best of April

These are the top five April posts which got the most access this month.

1. Desktop Calendar Wallpaper: May 2008

This has turned a lot more popular than I expected, so I’ll make many other calendars in this style. I have to ask my uncle again to do the calligraphy.

2. Don’t Leave Your Trash for Long

I made the design look very fun, so there are so many pingbacks

If your icon on the desktop changes its design by lapse of time, I thought it would be helpful telling you it’s becoming old. And these too are of the same concept: icons that change their designs when a certain condition is met.
Folder Icon That Talks #1
How Much More Data Can I Burn?

3. Funny USB Memory Sticks #2
Funny USB Memory Stick #2-1

I also want other gadgets like this to “talk” to you so that you can get the info you need instantly.

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4. Look at What You Don’t See Through Glass
future search mobile #3-2

This is the third post of this series. I have a few more ideas in my Moleskine, so I’ll make posts later.

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5. Quick View of File Directory

I don’t know what will happen when you use this to see the “Library” folder in your mac, though…

Thank you all for your interest and comments!

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