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Some might have already noticed, but I started writing for Johnny Holland. There I’ll write about the concepts of some of the items I introduce in this blog. I’ll also show some sketch in my Moleskine. So check out JOHNNYHOLLAND MAGAZINE. (Thanks, Jeroen!)

Also, Ashley at Fixdit contacted me. Now I can have my ideas rendered in 3D in their site. By clicking and dragging the item, you can rotate it to see what it really looks from any angle! I got also interviewed.

fixdit_mac funamizu

I have lots of stuff to do these days, so I still can’t finish another calendar wallpaper for December that I actually wanted to send to a Smashing Magazine’s Wallpaper Calendar post (but I couldn’t make it). I have several new mobile phone concepts in my Moleskine I really want to show.
Also, though I’m trying to reply to all the image requests I get, it sometimes takes time to reply. Sorry!

Oh, one more. Design Tavern is a blog based website; dedicated to supplying readers with interviews, news and reviews. Henry had an interview for me and made a post about me and my ideas. Thanks, Henry!

Future of Mobile Search- Power of Visualization

future of mobile search6
Visual aid for any book. It means any book can be a picture book.

future of mobile search6
If it could be wirelessly in sync with your mobile phone or other mobile devices, visualized data exchange could be done like Microsoft Surface, but with this device, you wouldn’t have to stick with 2D.

Looking Glass

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future search mobile #3-2
Part3:”Look at What You Don’t See Through Glass”

future mobile search for diet
Part4:”Future of Mobile Search for Diet”

future mobile search
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future mobile search
Part7:”Future of Mobile Search: Virtual Shopping #1″

Speech balloons for hearing-impaired
Part8:”Speech Balloons for the Hearing-Impaired”

iPhone with Looking Glass
See also the iPhone version of this concept.

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