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Some might have already noticed, but I started writing for Johnny Holland. There I’ll write about the concepts of some of the items I introduce in this blog. I’ll also show some sketch in my Moleskine. So check out JOHNNYHOLLAND MAGAZINE. (Thanks, Jeroen!)

Also, Ashley at Fixdit contacted me. Now I can have my ideas rendered in 3D in their site. By clicking and dragging the item, you can rotate it to see what it really looks from any angle! I got also interviewed.

fixdit_mac funamizu

I have lots of stuff to do these days, so I still can’t finish another calendar wallpaper for December that I actually wanted to send to a Smashing Magazine’s Wallpaper Calendar post (but I couldn’t make it). I have several new mobile phone concepts in my Moleskine I really want to show.
Also, though I’m trying to reply to all the image requests I get, it sometimes takes time to reply. Sorry!

Oh, one more. Design Tavern is a blog based website; dedicated to supplying readers with interviews, news and reviews. Henry had an interview for me and made a post about me and my ideas. Thanks, Henry!

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