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Mac’s biography to date reads as an inspirational adventure; from his humble beginnings as an English teacher and interpreter to heading a bank division in developing their new websites.

Completely self taught, Mac has continued to discover, enquire and be intrigued with a thoughtful heart and mind that gives great depth to his designs and has created layers of wealthy resources at his disposal.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

The way he allows himself the freedom at concept stage to dream up an array of ideas, both possible and impossible, gives an exciting base from which to select the best outcome for the brief at hand.

This combination of freedom of design, thoughtful approach to communication and an unwavering motivation is unique. It is at the core of Mac as a person and has seen him win an array of prestigious awards and contracts to date and helped shape his evolving entrepreneurial career to be a true contender on the world stage.




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  1. Thanks to all your interest, Petitinvention is chosen one of “Blogs of the Day” of WordPress for December 18, 2007. I really appreciate everyone who visited Petitinvention. I’ll introduce more and more interesting ideas for the coming holidays and next year. Looking forward to your comments!

  2. Hi.
    Thanks to all of your interest, petitinvention was chosen again as one of blogs of the day by wordpress.

    So far, “Future of Internet: Mobile version” post has been blogged in more than 50 other blogs including Yanko Design, which I’ve wanted my idea to be picked at (Thanks, Takashi!).

    Hope I can have more comments so I can think of better ideas to share!

  3. Hey Mac,

    Another fan of your work, just wondering if the google guys have been beating down your door. They should be, your concepts are brilliant and they will definitely affect different industries and undoubtedly people on the whole.

    As an Information Architect and (web) Interface Designer your Mobile version definitely has me thinking about how the nature of my own work should evolve for these type of emerging technologies. It has me looking forward and re-conceptualizing the way I strategise and design for the user interface and user. Thank you and keep on inspiring others!

    BTW not that it really matters, but even Kanye West loves your concept. Your design was featured in one of his blog posts, but he failed to link back to your site :(.

  4. Hi Mac! I really liked your idea about the Transparent Slide Mobile Encyclopedia. I am doing a project on Emerging Technologies and want to showcase and share your concept in the classroom.I would really appreciate it if you could share some more pictures or videos and explain us about the basic technology that is used in developing this gadget as i come from a non-technical background:)) Thanks a Lot!

  5. dear mac,

    i work for the belgian magazine focus knack (sort of like rolling stone and the face into one) and we would like to do a short piece on ‘the looking glass’ in our e-section.

    do you have some photos in high resolution that we can use them in the magazine?

    of course we’ll also put a link to your website under the article.

    my deadline is friday morning but if you could already send me stuff sooner, that would be great.

    thanks a lot,


  6. Levitat, thanks for your comment.
    I know almost nothing about patent in Japan. ‘Cause I’m doing this just for fun!

  7. Hi Mac–I’m an amateur inventor and I love your ideas. If you are open to collaboration I would love to get in contact with you. My email and website are included. Thanks!

  8. Just wanted to quickly say that I really enjoyed your ideas. They are extremely interesting and thought provoking. Subscribing now!

  9. hi,
    my name is kumail, your work is truly amazing.
    have you ever heard about linux ubuntu ,
    it is a very famous operating system booming and increasing in market share.

    it is free and open source which mean any one an use and help create it.

    i really like the idea of the thrash can icon changing with time , and the cd with the space.

    i would recommend it if you could participate and provide them with the ideas so they could implement them on the operating system.

    anyways , keep up the good work, and it would be a shame if it all went waste.

    good luck

  10. Hi Kumail, thank you very much for your comment and suggestion. I’ve heard of linux ubuntu, but didn’t know what it really is. I’ll take a look to see what I can do. Thanks!

  11. Hi Mac,

    Like your work very much.

    I’m an editor of a Chinese online magazine (www.noline.net.cn). This online magazine focuses on ads, design, innovation, invention on new media. Any new and fresh ideas are welcome.

    If you agree, I hope to cover your inventions on our website, of course we’ll indicate the author and put your link address on. Besides, we’ll explain your works in Chinese to the huge Chinese market.

    Please drop me a line when you have time.

    Good day. 🙂

    Greeting from China

  12. Jane
    Thank you so much for your contact! Yes, of course I agree. Please tell me if there’s anything you need.

  13. Hello all,

    I really feel out of my dept here but here goes. I’m the MD of an international search company in Germany. We’ve been working on and off with Vodafone for over 5 years and are recruiting heavily at the moment for their Düsseldorf/London offices. We’re current looking for Conceptual Designers, UI/UE Managers and several heavyweight management roles.

    If anyone would like to look over some Job Descriptions then please do not hesitate in contacting me directly. I look forward in speaking with anyone interested.

    Kind Regards

    +49 212 233 627 0

    p.s. please not that all roles are permanent. I apologise if this is the wrong forum.

  14. フナミズ様、こんにちは。

  15. just found your blog very cool. was wondering if you have seen any natural AI working with avatars kinda like what humanityonline and amyauto are doing?

  16. Hello Mac,
    Some really cool stuff!!! would like to contact you,
    Do you do project work?

    Please mail me back

  17. Hi Mac,

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  18. Mac,

    you’re a complete genious. thanks for sharing your ideas with us

    I love your works not only for their aestethical aspect (great), but because they are so deep in technology understanding

    great vision ahead. really thanks again