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Note that these are all design concepts as I mention in the “about” page.

Dial to Unlock

Slide to …

Polaroid iPhone Dock Concept

World Cleanest Graffiti— iPhone App Concept


post-it on desktop icon1

post-it on desktop icon3
Post-It on Desktop Icons



iPhone Dock Sketches

“I’m-Working!” Screensaver


green green

Swing, Charge & Study
Swing, Charge & Study

handgrip battery charger
You Can Work It Out

next mac mini?

Your Desktop To Go

optional keyboard + screen

desktop pinball
Gravity on Desktop #1

Just a Sketch: Keyboard


External Touch Screen #2

ipod camera2
Just a Sketch: Highly Unlikely Camera for iPod Touch

move-to-trash game
“Move to Trash” Game
Just a Sketch: Shuffle?

Phun on the iPhone
Would Be So Much “Phun” On iPhone!

Phun on the iPhone

Phun on the iPhone

simple iphone game for cooling down
Simple iPhone Game to Cool Down

simple iphone game for cooling down

simple iphone game for cooling down

next-gen macs?

Next-Gen Macs?

Next-Gen Macs?
Looking Glass for iPhone2
Looking Glass for iPhone2
Looking Glass for iPhone: App Integration
iPhone with Looking Glass
iPhone with Looking Glass
Looking Glass for iPhone
My Dream Mac #2 (Macbook Touch Concept)

My Dream Mac #2 (Macbook Touch Concept)

My Dream Mac #2 (Macbook Touch Concept)

My Dream Mac #2 (Macbook Touch Concept)

macbook touch?

My Dream Mac #2 (Macbook Touch Concept)
My Dream Mac #2 (Macbook Touch Concept)
Desktop Hologram Projectors
Desktop Hologram Projectors
Desktop Hologram Projectors
Desktop Hologram Projectors
Desktop Holography #1
10-Key + Calculator

Mouse Wheel in Sync with Scroll BarMouse Wheel in Sync with Scroll Bar
Mouse Wheel in Sync with Scroll Bar
iPod Touch Camera?iPod Touch Camera?
iPod Touch Camera?

USB coffee warmer
USB powered coffee warmer + temp adjusting app

iCal Watch
iCal Watch

iCal Watch

mac nano?
mac nano?
(iPod Touch + iMac + Macbook Air) / 3

How to control iPod Touch in Your Pocket

Mac Morph?

iPhone as a desktop
iPhone as a desktop

Turn your iPhone into a desktop

Tilt Till Hole: iPhone Game

External Touch Screen

Read blogs on iTunes: To use an iPod Touch as an offline RSS reader

My Dream Mac (Macbook Touch? Mac Nano?)

horizontal keyboard app for iPhone

39 thoughts on “Mac Stuff

  1. omg i luv apple and now it is killing me that i dont have a iphone but with these coming out i will wait

  2. These are concepts. Not real. Awesome. Not real.

    By the way, you do awesome work! What apps do you use?

  3. Hi, spherecat1, thanks for your comment. I use Google Sketchup to make 3D models and Photoshop & Illustrator for details.

  4. You are amazing. I love everything you do. I want everything you do. Eye candy for the big kid in a mac store!!!! wooohooo!

  5. I don’t mean to be…
    an ass, but these are just drawings.
    I can draw a hovercraft and call it an invention. I could also draw an engine that gets 294 miles to the mL of gasoline.
    Do you actually have schematics? Diagrams? Codes (for the apps)?
    Or are these just a bunch of NURBS Models?
    (that would definitely earn most creative or real looking awards in my drafting/design classes…)

  6. (URGENT)
    Dear Sir/madam

    I am Jasmine, the editor of DESIGN BIMONTHLY that published by Taiwan Design Center.

    We would like to introduce the “Funny USB Memory Sticks #1~#3” in our next issue,
    and I am wondering if you could provide me with the material and products photos I need?

    Thanks for your kind help and hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

    Taiwan Design Center | Design Magazine
    Editor Jasmine Yang
    Mobile: 0911-087-315
    TEL: 886-2-2655 8199 ext161
    FAX: 886-2-2655 7949
    3F., Bldg. G,3-1 Park Street, Nangang Taipei 115, Taiwan

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  7. I just want to say: “GREAT!” I love the sketching of the iPod-shuffle in a clippable version. The current (clippable) one really has the problem that you cannot hold it in your hand. The first shuffle was *huge* in regard to its form-factor and it was drop dead simple to use it. even in total darkness you could find the buttons to steer it… try that with a current shuffle.

    Your design is the best of both worlds. I would buy one immediately, though I already have two shuffles (one for the groovy stuff & one for the heavy metal). 😉

    Nice work!


  8. Great concepts! Good to see you put your concepts to “paper”. Have you thought about proposing any of the concepts to Mac? (or other HP etc)?

  9. Wow! Dude, you’re gifted. All of these ideas are so briliant! You should be a millionaire by now! Keep designing these things, man! One day it’ll pay off.

  10. “My Dream Mac #2 (Macbook Touch Concept)” is a nice concept,although it is not possible at the moment, but will be in a while, wait for 5 years till first commercial OLED displays will come, and let your “dream” become true.

  11. Most of these concepts are amazing!

    The guy farther up said that these are “only drawings”… I completely disagree with the fact that they aren’t JUST drawings, because in fact this tech does exist.
    Most of it may not be commercial, but prototypes do in fact exist.
    My favorites are the “Dream Mac #2”, “Desktop Holography #1”, and the Super Thin Mac w/ Mac Touch Tablet and Glass iPhone..
    My favorite thing about these are that I can actually see Apple creating these in the near future.

    No one ever thought that anything like the iPhone could come out at the time that it did, so DON’T doubt what Apple will create.

    And to you Sir,
    I hope that Apple really looks at your designs and takes a running leap into the future with them (if they haven’t already).
    Your designs are very “Apple-esq” and I enjoy imagining my future with them in my possession.

  12. Dear God,

    Please make Steve Jobs see these works as soon as possible, and please make him take this guy as head designer of Apple Computers, Inc.

    Thank you God.


  13. Not impressive at all… thirty years ago they used to show much better ideas and concepts

    LCD touch screen? … Think 3D hologram touch screen…

  14. You are a freakin’ genius! I want all of these, like yesterday! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next

  15. Dear mac,

    Nice to see your design. you are doing a noble career in design field.

    our company is a manufacture in China which is a professional mock-up and rapid prototyping with 14 years so far.we expect to be your new partner if you are willing.pls consider it.

    thanks and best regards,

  16. This website is absolutely remarkable! You are a genius, sir! I’d love to see the looking glass actually get produced. What an awesome tool that would be!!!!!

  17. Hi, I’m a prdoduct designer, and I think this is absolutly not great work!
    This is Impracticable for many of this product, it’s just squarre objet, 3D and render are ugly, no drawing, just a apple spirit without creativity ! There is no place in your object to place the technology… I don’t understand majority of this comment, may be blind people, without any comprehension of design!

  18. Whats up! I just would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the good info you’ve gotten here on this post. I will likely be coming back to your weblog for extra soon.

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