Thru –Lucent Mobile Phone Concept

Just like some of my previous mobile phone concepts, the transparent body would be pretty attractive.

What’s different this time though is that this Thru has a function to show 3D images behind the screen. It looks as if there were another world behind it because the images are made to look natural on the floor behind the screen.

So the email notification would be made like a game, which sounds fun.

There could be a fierce battle on your desk. In any case, I’m pretty sure it would be so fun that you couldn’t stop watching it.


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7 thoughts on “Thru –Lucent Mobile Phone Concept

  1. I really like the sense of depth between the displayed text and the screen. I could very much see that pseudo-depth becoming the next Apple look-and-feel trope. 🙂

  2. Wonderful! WOW

    I want to get some for more informations of your technology.

    Thanks & Regards

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