Dew – Future Wearable Mobile Device Concept

Like one of my previous posts (Cobalto), I was picturing sci-fi movies when I thought of this wearable mobile phone. It’s something I want to see used in a futuristic scene.

The ball works as a controller and an indicator changing colors. It can slide anywhere on the surface.

Of course it’d be fun to watch 3D hologram on it.

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  1. I´m live in brasil and I like so much this bracelet its wanderful, but I need to now how many cost if i want to bring this inovation to brasil.
    How many cost for you fabricated supost a one thousand of this bracelets?
    I hope your reply.



    1. Hello Robles. Thank you for your comment.
      Sorry it’s just a concept design, so it does not exist yet. I have no plan to develop this item.
      I appreciate your interest though.


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