3D Desktop Concept

I’m back! Thank you so much for all the get-well messages and comments. As I wrote on Twitter, the operation went OK and I’m 90% back to normal. I drew some sketches in my Moleskine while I was in the hospital, and this is one of them.

This 3D hologram video just makes me want to have a desktop like this.

When you’re not using it, it works as a desk lamp.


Bring the black curtain down so that the hologram can be seen more clearly in front of you.
There are tiny projectors installed, giving off 3D hologram in front of the curtain.




A browser window can be resized by actually “pinching” and dragging the tab at bottom right.


It would be fun if a document could be made as if you were using a typewriter. The curled paper hologram comes out of the keyboard.


Touching the 3D objects would be really fun. Dragging, throwing, resizing, etc., but crushing paper to dispose it would be the most interesting.


You have to adjust the “depth” of the cursor on screen, so how about a mouse like this? By pressing the mouse body downwards, the cursor sinks (goes deeper) on screen. When you release it, it goes back to the default position (front).


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15 thoughts on “3D Desktop Concept

  1. genius, revolutionary, and awesome, a few words to describe the film borat, and your invention, if i had money, which i kind of… dont, i would give it to you to make it, i think this could be great, but one thing, it wasnt a curtain, it was a concave mirror

    1. I love it. I love it all. Notable, were the Looking Glass and the Iaqua2… Fantastic. Has Apple yet to discover such a talent? *raises eyebrows*

      Congratulations must be given to you, for taking on this path. From what I’ve understood, you have only been doing this ‘professionally’ for a short ammount of time. As a 16 year old aspiring architect/designer, living in (relatively safe) Brisbane, Australia, I like to think my work might eventually be understood and achknowleged, instead of disregarded as a small-time hobby.

      It’d be fantastic to talk to someone who shares similar thoughts. Please, contact me at jakechurches@live.com

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