Train Ceiling as Info Screen?

I want a navigation screen on a train that shows the exact location where the train is, not just “It’s now between station A and station B”.
It should also be seen clearly from almost everywhere even if the train is crowded. (In Tokyo it’s almost impossible for a stranger to know where she is on a crowded train if she misses one announcement.)
Is it the ceiling that is the most visible?

train info on the ceiling?

train info on the ceiling?

train info on the ceiling?

By the way, I’m now designing the calendar wallpaper for this month. Sorry for being late!

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4 thoughts on “Train Ceiling as Info Screen?

  1. Very good idea. I’ve though about color coded stations so that in an instant you know which line you’re in.That combined with the info on the ceiling (maybe even on the floor as well)would be awesome for visitors 🙂

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