14 thoughts on “Twitter Tweets on TV?

  1. Someone will definitely do that if they haven’t done it already. I saw something similar at a professional hockey game; before the match, anyone could send an SMS to a specific number and have it appear on the huge screen over the ice.

  2. I agree with Miguel: it sounds nice but it is an online idea that TV companies will not accept. If they did, they would lose all their incomes for the sms and would not get any benefit (the same share, similar non paid messages…).

  3. Are you kidding. TV Companies would LOVE this idea. They can cut whosever job it is to put scroll text on the screen and let online folks post it for them.

  4. mtv brazil has somthing like this. i mean, the idea was from back when there was no twitter and hasn’t changed since then, but still, we sms things to their number and it pops up on the screen just like that: on a rolling stripe on the edge of the tv.

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