If I say I’ll change my wordpress theme to Hemingway from next year, does that bother you? I’m so in love with that simple look, but it doesn’t show any images by default. You’ll need to click the title (or “read on”) to see images in a post, which could be a pain in the neck especially if you’re using an RSS reader.

wordpress hemingway theme

By the way, I’m working on another mobile phone concept, which will be my last item for this year. And the very last post will be “top 20 of 2008”. I’ll re-render the most favorite gadgets for the post.

15 thoughts on “Question

  1. Well, your blog is about concepts communicated with images, right? The images are the things that capture your audience. So I think you’re better off using a theme that has large space for images. Maybe you’ll find a way to combine a simple look with big images.

  2. Personally, I like your current theme much, much better. I love the grey with blue accents. I agree with Robert about the pictures as well.

  3. As far as I know, if you have a theme on a wordpress blog, which doesn’t show the whole post on the front page, you can still have a full rss feed.

  4. Eventhough I really like a simple look, this site (in my opinion) is about the images. You make great concepts, and it would be a shame to hide it – even partially.

    That said, you could have a “simple” front page, but instead just showing text, why not “just” show the images? (mind you, I don’t wordpress myself, so I cannot tell you how to do just that)

  5. Well, you can modify theme to show images. I browse your blog through RSS feed so I see all images every time.

  6. I like the theme, but you would have to modify it to show images. They are what draw people into the site when they find it.

    Plus, I use RSS to read the site. 🙂

  7. Image is what your blog is all about…how can you communicate designs via text? the visual appeal of you page is very high….don’t do this to your fans!!!

  8. As long there are images in the feed, you can use that theme. I look nearly no time at you front page.

  9. Personally, I browse your site through RSS not your site so keeping the images within a RSS feed would be the most important feature to maintain if you change theme.

    As an example, I’m using the HemingwayEx theme and that only displays a text excerpt in the RSS feed.

  10. I preffer the blog like now, black background, and many pictures, your blog is about design and the simplicity, the contrast and the images is very important. dont change the theme.

  11. I’m a google reader. So if your site would be with butterflies and unicorns it wouldn’t make any difference. Actually I think this is the first time I visited this site.

  12. I won’t argue with you about design, that’s your area of expertiese. However if redesign means that my RSS user experience will get worse, I am not going to welcome this redesign.

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