Highlight-the-Line-I’m-On Plugin

Highlight-the-Line-I\'m-On Plugin

When I’m reading long text, I’m often lost when going to the next line and find myself reading the same line again or skipping one or two. So I was wondering if there are any plugins for browsers to highlight the line you’re on now. Are there already?

Highlight-the-Line-I\'m-On Plugin

It would be more helpful if it could also ‘hold’ the position without the cursor pointing to it.

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3 thoughts on “Highlight-the-Line-I’m-On Plugin

  1. what i do is just mark the text around the passage i’m reading. makes it easier for me. your idea would be really nice coupled with eytracking tho.

  2. SUPERB idea.

    I love your blog. First time I get here and it’s amazing 🙂

    Please, keep up your good work. It’s a pleasure to visit ur website.

    NiCo =)

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