Real-World Folder Sorting

mac os folder actions
In the REAL world, I usually name the folder with a large title. Of course I choose a typeface for the title and a folder color.

mac os folder actions
When I have multiple compartments in the folder, put the titles on the tags.

mac os folder actions 

If I have many items in one folder, I add an index on it. Yeah, usually.

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6 thoughts on “Real-World Folder Sorting

  1. Cool idea, but on the other hand why pushing the “old, non-computer desktop metaphor” to it’s limit ?

    I think it’s more interesting to put efforts in new ways of using and interacting with files.

  2. I agree with Daoro. The graphics are definitely cool though, and I think they could be made to work with newer human-computer interactions. This ‘working-on’ folder could be a smart folder based on (the best I can come up with) tagging, saved searches, or modification date – or all of the above.

  3. Yeah, I love the “old, non-computer desktop metaphor”, too. Thanks for your comments, Daoro and hansdekker.

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