Mac Morph?

What amazed me most about the Morph concept by Nokia is that it came from Nokia itself, not by a daydreaming designer like me, meaning it’s quite promising.
I really like the material that is flexible enough to change its form. If that’s really possible,

Mac Morph?
first it could be used as a display,

Mac Morph?
second, fold it half and it could be used as a macbook pro,

Mac Morph?
and for some more other purposes,

Mac Morph?
it would be useful to read like a magazine,

Mac Morph?
and if it could be folded a few times, it could be an ipod.

Oh, am I daydreaming again?

3D Image Display and its potential

If there were a 3D display, even a very small one, it would be a lot of fun. The real object’s image could be easily and clearly seen from any angle, and what else has been difficult to be displayed with our conventional monitors could be done as a matter of course.
So, here’s my ideas of what could be done if I had an external small 3D display:

1) photo slide show: mac-like cool screen saver would be nice

3D Display showing photo slide show

2) calendar: good to have aside of my iMac when working ’cause it’s not distractive but helpful. Being able to pick a theme like ocean, forest, etc. would be cool.
3D Display showing 3D calendar

3) Google Earth: I just can’t wait to see the 3D building images moving! You have the real earth image in the box!
3D Image Display

4) 3D applications: could be handled much more easily.

3D Display showing Google Sketchup

Maybe it would be also possible to display a holographic image of a person you’re talking to on the phone.
What do you think? Give me other ideas.

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