Motion Graphic Designs For SOTBANK 30-Year Vision Movie

I had a chance to design concept models for a movie titled “Information Revolution” which was aired at the 30th Anniversary Event by SOFTBANK.


Here I designed the user interface for a future computer.

This is a concept model of future computer program. I made lots of images and the below movie is the motioned sequel of them. I tried to make it look organic. (Not all of the below cut was used in the final version.)

(View it on Behance Network.)

I also made some concept images of future medical technology.

I was invited to the anniversary event in Budo-kan, Tokyo. I was truly impressed with the vision of the SOFTBANK president Song-san.

6 thoughts on “Motion Graphic Designs For SOTBANK 30-Year Vision Movie

  1. Dear Mac Funamizu,
    I am very impressed with your brilliant work!!! You possess a great vision and imagination — don’t let that get squelched if/when you get deeper into corporate work… I hope to keep seeing great ideas from you!

    Let me know if you ever visit San Francisco. I have a good friend who organizes the PechaKucha design lecture series event here: Paul Jamtgaard. Feel free to reach out to him too (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc…)

    All the best,

    Todd D. Blank
    Facebook: todd blank

    1. Thank you so much, Todd! Yes, I’m interested in PechaKucha and just sent an invitation to Paul on LinkedIn. Thanks a lot!

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