"I'm-Working!" Screensaver

Is there a screensaver that makes you look busy working on the computer (but you’re not).
Then you can take a nap at a desk without being noticed if you are holding a mouse in your hand. I want one.


The cursor is constantly moving as if you were working on something.


You can choose how busy you want yourself to look and what you’re doing on the computer.


8 thoughts on “"I'm-Working!" Screensaver

  1. Hi, two quick question if it doesn’t bother you:
    What is the software that you used in the first picture, seems to be great.
    Where did you find the “app stacks”, I’ve been seeking for some
    Thanks anyway for the legitimate nap screensaver

    1. Augure, thank you for your comment.
      I made it with Photoshop only. It’s just a concept sketch so it shows what it would look like if there were a screensaver like that.

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