Funny USB Memory Sticks #5

Funny USB Memory Sticks #5
How about a USB memory stick that looks hungry when there’s no data in it?

Funny USB Memory Sticks #5
The inflated belly means the memory is full.

Funny USB Memory Sticks #5

Funny USB Memory Sticks #5
This one is different from the other previous ones.

Funny USB Memory Sticks #5
Plug it in a USB port and start pumping it, then on the screen, the icon scatters what’s in it.

Funny USB Memory Sticks #5
The harder you pump, the farther the icons travel.

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9 thoughts on “Funny USB Memory Sticks #5

  1. I think the Inflator would make a cute novel item, but a terrible way to manage files. How does it decides what it blows out? Do you want all your stuff blown out in some order?

    I much prefer the USB drive with the E/F fuel gauge indicating how full it is.

  2. The sense I am getting is that you are more interested in 3D imaging than in product design. Of course, I could be completely mistaken. In case you are interested in product design, think about function too. USB ports are placed quite close to each other. Some of your designs might not allow others ports to be used.

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