Speech balloons in comic books show very well how the characters speak. If we could instantly visualize how people speak, wouldn’t it be nice for the hearing-impaired? It means they can SEE our voices.

Speech balloons for hearing-impaired
Stressed words are rendered larger than those spoken less loudly.

Speech balloons for hearing-impaired
Arrows of the balloons show from where it’s spoken (of course).

Speech balloons for hearing-impaired
A scream is shown in a balloon with jags.

Speech balloons for hearing-impaired
Imitation sounds are also rendered, but with other colors than spoken words.

Speech balloons for hearing-impaired
When spoken to from out of the screen, it shows the words with the direction the voice is from.

Speech balloons for hearing-impaired
A pair of glasses with the same functions could replace the device if we could figure out a good way not to block visual information.

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