Time-Telling Vibration

This is the mobile phone version of “Touch ‘n’ Know The Time”. Many people use their mobile phones as alarm clocks (including myself), so this might be a little help.

In short, you squeeze the phone and it vibrates for a second. The more “vigorously” it moves, the sooner it is until the set time. So you can FEEL how much more you can sleep without opening your eyes to check what time it is. Oh how lazy we can be!

Pressure on both flanks activates the time-checking vibration for a few seconds.

The vibration interval and strength vary according to how much time left until the set time.

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Oh, this phone? Yeah I thought you’d ask.
If you are ever able to completely customize your mobile phone on a website or something when ordering one, I’ll definitely make mine something like this. Does it remind you of one brand?

Time-Telling Vibration

By the way, I heard my ideas (fireworks projection and handgrip charger) were introduced in a British TV “Richard & Judy” and a Colombian newspaper “El Tiempo”. Is there a way I can take a look at them???

4 thoughts on “Time-Telling Vibration

  1. Would have really loved to have that this morning.

    Now make a way for it to stop me oversleeping after climbing back into bed with my phone.

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