Color Changing LEGO Blocks

Adobe Kuler is a web-hosted application for generating color themes. People create and share wonderful color themes, so you can browse and use thousands of themes from the Kuler community.
So wouldn’t it be great if you can pick one of the color themes for your LEGO blocks?
(Again I have no idea on how this would work.)

color changing lego blocks

color changing lego blocks

color changing lego blocks

color changing lego blocks

color changing lego blocks

color changing lego blocks

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21 thoughts on “Color Changing LEGO Blocks

  1. This is genius! I have tons on LEGOs (don’t judge me :)) that I could use, but none of them match! I would totally buy this.

  2. Hey Mac, greetings from the kuler team. We love this! Drop me a line to get in touch.
    kuler community manager

  3. It might work if the blocks could have a plastic skin that contains tiny sensors. Sort of like those that they are working on to make fabrics/clothing more information receptive.

    Therefore when they sync up with the lego pad they can download the colour information like a USB.

  4. I am Lego lover.
    I hope this product can be launch ASAP.
    Or, we can order from internet by key in our favorit color.
    Have you cooporate with Lego Company yet?

  5. Po Hwa, thanks for your comment.
    I hope so, too, but there must be lots of technical issues to be solved first to make this happen.
    But I wanna see it on the shelf some day.

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