8 thoughts on “Funny USB Memory Sticks #3

  1. Hey Mac! I just want to compliment you with your awesome ideas.

    But I’ve been wondering, what kind of software do you use for rendering your ideas. The USB sticks, etc. I like it!

  2. Hi, Cliff. Thanks a lot for your comment. I always use Google Sketchup for modeling 3D objects, Photoshop and Illustrator for finishing.

  3. Great Mac. Thanks for the insights. So the outlines are done more in sketchup and the neat rendering in both illustrator and photoshop?

    ps. Have you ever been thinking into doing more product design instead of web?

  4. Well, because I think you would do good in that field. I’m studying ID myself and often find it difficult to tell the story behind an idea, to make others really understand the idea I have in my mind. The ideas you have and especially the way you ‘explain’ them through your visuals are ace. So that’s why I was wondering if you were planning ID work.

  5. Renditioner

    There are a few extras that IMSI have produced of late that either help out specific TurboCAD users, such as furniture makers, or greatly improve other products with IMSI technology.

    One of these is the IDX Renditioner. It is a plug-in for Google SketchUp that provides high-quality photorealistic rendering – fast and easily. Renditioner works directly within SketchUp and lets you control the materials, advanced lighting components, environments, background images. Renditioner is “one button” easy with 3 render options of Preview, Standard and Presentation. It is simple enough for novices and yet powerful enough for professionals. Powerful features are optimized in a jargon free interface. Simplicity paired with speed and working directly in SketchUp, means you can achieve design visualization objectives more quickly. Renditioner offers 16 megapixel renderings for large-scale printing and powerful presentation of your designs.

    It is available for Windows XP or Vista on the PC, and OS/X 10.4 or 10.5 on the Mac and runs on either PowerPC or Intel-based Mac computers. As an extra it obviously requires you to already have SketchUp, but will be fine on the free version as well as the Pro version 6.4x or later. Like all photorealistic rendering, IDX Renditioner uses a system’s RAM and CPU power extensively, and is not recommended on systems with less than 1 GB RAM, with 2 GB recommended. Being fully multithreading, dual core, quad core, or dual quad core machines will each improve system performance dramatically.

    SketchUp is a nice piece of kit, but with the edition of Renditioner it jumps from good to professional, and then you import the SketchUp drawings into TurboCAD to add another dimension.

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