Reduce the solar radiation before reaching the earth

disk in orbit for green house effect

OK. I don’t know anything about global warming, so if I’m being an idiot, just laugh it off.
Simply put, this solar powered glass plate floating on the orbit blocks some solar radiation. We can switch the plate from “transparent mode”, which just blocks only specific kind of light to “black mode”, which cut any kind of light off. We can switch the modes from the earth with the usual remote control. So it’s like putting sunglasses above the earth; sunglasses that can become usual glasses.

disk in orbit for green house effect

In short, you can ADJUST the sunlight coming to the earth.
Of course, only a single disc does not change anything, but if there are one thousand of them above your city, it can make a small change.

disk in orbit for green house effect

disk in orbit for green house effect

By the way, is it possible to transcend electricity in the air?

6 thoughts on “Reduce the solar radiation before reaching the earth

  1. If I’m correct, I don’t think it’s the energy from the sun that has to decrease but the warmth resulting from it that has to get out (which it doesn’t as much when the CO2 rises in the atmosphere).

    Decreasing the incoming energy with any significance might have other, yet unknown consequenses (but I’m just guessing here).

    Interesting take on this dilemma though!

  2. Anton, thank you for the input. I didn’t know that. So it’s the warmth that has to be decreased….. Mmmm…..

  3. Hi Mac,

    If something reflects all light, it actually looks white, not black. So your ‘black mode’ should be ‘white mode’. Nice idea, but as you said, for it to have any practical application it should be extremely widespread, through govermental and commercial promotion. However, I also think (hope) that by the time mass production of this kind of technology is viable, let’s say in 10 years, energy production and storage of many kinds (solar, CO2 conversion, etc.) will be efficient and cheap enough to be incorporated into the same panels.

    Love your site, by the way. We live in an amazing era.


  4. By the way, Anton, if you reflect light, you are simultaneously reflecting heat. That’s why you should wear white in the hot sun, and why the shrinking ice caps are heating up the earth (though at a rate that will be easily countered and reversed by modern technology).

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